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Parents and Daughter


A Private-BY-Design Smart-Home System that's tailor-made JUST for You..!

May be We’re Changing the Way the Smart-Home Works. But actually, We're making Smart-Homes Work in the way they Should.


We uphold a value that Data Privacy should be the building block of any technology. And thus, We're creating a Privacy focussed Smart-Home system that cautiously delivers the power of our AI assistant making your home, a Home-Smart-Home.


Cauz, after all.. Home is Where our Heart is..!

Smart Alarm System

What do We do?

We Design & Develop an array of customized Smart-Home devices integrated with our Native AI assistant (And We make sure security is hardwired to all our devices)



The Internet is Lovely. But the actual cost of connecting to the internet could be Your Privacy. With Your Smart-Home devices connected to the internet, there is a high chance that someone might be eavesdropping on Your Precious Moments with Your family, at Home. And this is exactly why We are creating Smart-Home systems that seamlessly work in isolation from the internet, ensuring unbreakable levels of security while also delivering higher degrees of automation. 

Stay Connected... But Unplugged!

Electronic Board

Speech-to-text at Edge

Unlike the Conventional Smart-Home system keeps listening to the sounds of Your home, that's sent to the cloud in real-time.  Our Smart-Home System comprises of an Edge Server kept at Your Home, that alleviates the need to send User's Voice to the Cloud.

Artificial Intelligence at
its peak

The Smart-Home system comes with a Pre-Loaded conversational AI assistant, which has higher cognitive capabilities and is capable of empathizing human emotions. This assistant in integration with our array of Smart-Home devices provides higher degrees of automation.

And it's created to be a part of the families!

Connecting Dots
Copy of April Copy of Triz - Pitch Deck
April Copy of Triz - Pitch Deck (1).png


Because We Create a Safe Smart-Home System that's tailor-made right for You.

Steps to live in a TriZ Smart-Home

  1.  You have a Home Sweet Home & You Give us a Call

  2.  We Send Our Technical Assessment team

  3.  We understand Your Needs

  4.  We Customize our Smart-Home System for You

  5.  In the next 48 hours, You'll get to live in Your Home Smart-Home.

Open Positions

  • ASIC Designer

  • Embedded Developer - Firmware; Embedded OS

  • Deep Learning 

  • Blockchain Developer - Smart Contracts

  • Flutter Developer

  • Database Development Engineer

  • 3D Character Design Artist & Modeler

  • Mechanical Design 

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